Geneva Forex Event :: April 2020 - Live

Monthly networking event for financial elite of Switzerland and a Fashion Show featuring big brands!

The "Geneva Forex Event" is a great opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air and change things up. The idea of the event was simple: create a monthly meeting to follow up on current events and establish professional relations in a relaxed atmosphere. Now it is a get together for what one guest calls "my Thursday party!"

19 of July, 2017

22 of June, 2017

24 of May, 2017

16 of March, 2017

24 of February, 2017

27 of January, 2017

14 of December, 2016

December Fashion Show, 2016 - Miss Dukascopy

18 of November, 2016

November Fashion Show, 2016 - Georges Rech & Benoit de Gorski

07 of October, 2016

October, 2016 - Fashion Show

6 of September, 2016

September, 2016 - Bongénie & Gübelin

21 of July, 2016

July, 2016 - Fashion Contest

23 of June, 2016

June, 2016 - Aubade

27 of May, 2016

May, 2016 - Noël Fourrures creative world

21 of April, 2016

April, 2016 - Billionaire Italian Couture and Le Dix Boutique

16 of March, 2016

March, 2016 - Gubelin & Bongenie

26th of February, 2016

February, 2016 - Luxury Code & FABERGÉ

4th of February, 2016

February, 2016 - L'Agent by Agent Provocateur

16th of December, 2015

Salvatore Ferragamo Show

9th of October, 2015

Versace Fashion Show

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